Make A Website For Your Book In Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Enter your book's 13 digit ISBN number.
Step 2: Add information and content about your book.
Step 3: Publish to the web with a custom sub-domain or your own URL.

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How It Works

You've already done the hard stuff by writing your book, so we don't think building a site should a burden. That’s why we make it really easy for you.

TitlePager makes it easy to create a full-featured website for your book(s) that will look great on phones, tablets, and laptops.

- Start by entering your ISBN, from that we'll create buy links to Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, and others.

- Then use our site creator to add your cover, title, summary, reviews, your bio, and other information. If you want you can add information about events, video, an excerpt that can be read on the site, a link to a custom store, links to your social media, and links to your mailing list signups and book giveaways

- Save and then pick a design from one of the many color schemes we've set up. You don't need any techie or design chops to make your site and you can update it at any time.

- Once you are satified with the site just hit publish, select a payment plan, and then create a custom URL ie

- If you have more than one book just make a site for each one and then link them together. Additional books can be added at no cost. Once linked they appear under the "About The Author" section of each site

- You can edit your site, and pick a new design at any time.

TitlePager works for any book with an ISBN. It's great for e-books, self-published authors, academics, and any one whose publisher tells them they need to have a site.

Every Book Needs A Website - Even Yours

Control Your Marketing
Don't just link to Amazon from your social media. TitlePages are well organized and good looking websites packed with everything a potential reader would want to know. You control the information and design adding what you want at any time. Use the site as your hub and let readers learn about your book and buy it where they want. Your site can act as a hub for your online marketing, it gives you more control than just linking to Amazon or your publisher, and you can also embed them into yout FaceBook Page or existing author site

Higher Sales
43% of book sales are done online. Give your customers an easy way to purchase your book. We create buylinks to Amazon, B&N and other online retailers including IndieBound so they can order your book from a local bookstore. You can also add a custom store like Lulu, or a university or independent press.
Stronger SEO
TitlePager websites are SEO Optimized to help help readers find you.


Author biography
"Buy this book" buttons
Book tour calendar
Book cover
Book synopsis
Publisher information
Author photo
Support for mailing lists & book giveaways
Video embed from YouTube or Vimeo
Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
20 custom color schemes
PDF excerpt
Social media sharing
Custom domain name
PDF excerpt
Social media sharing
They Work as a Facebook Page Tab
Can be embedded (or linked to) on Wordpress, Wix, & Squarespace sites
Multiple book sites for the same author can be easily linked together.
Custom sub-domain name
Free support for using your own domain name

Compare Your Options

Building a Professional Author Website
Using Squarespace, WordPress, or Wix
$1500+/+$250 hosting
  • 2-3 month process
  • Meetings
  • Revisions
  • Purchase a hosting provider
  • Hire a graphic designer
  • Hire a web developer
  • Build e-commerce links and buttons
  • Resize and edit your book cover image
  • Gather and organize your content
  • Integrate social media sharing
  • Add features to handle video, events, excerpts
  • Get trained on software or hire someone to update
  • Keep website content updated
  • Stress because it's taken months to launch
Building A Professional Author Website With TitlePager
Save Time, Save Money, And Start Promoting Your Book. Free 7 day trial.
$12/month (or $115 a year save 20%)
  • Make An Author Site In 3 Steps
  • - Start with your ISBN.
  • - Enter Your Information
  • - Select A Design
  • - Publish Your Site
  • - Create a custom sub-domain or use your own with no additional fee
  • - Repeat the process for your other books (for free) They will all be linked.
  • - Free 15 Day Trial
  • - No Contract, Cancel anytime

About TitlePager

We want to make it easy to create (and maintain) professional author websites.

TitlePager was created to make it easy, and very affordable, for authors and publishers to create great landing page sites for their titles. Sites that work across devices, create easy ways for readers to learn more about and buy books from a variety of online stores. It came out of years of working with authors on their digital projects and strategies, a love of books, and a desire to help writers and publishers use the web well.

TitlePager is the brainchild of Joshua Mack, a digital veteran, and co-author of a bestselling cookbook. It was created with the invaluable design help of Martina Fugazzotto, and brilliant programming by Lauren Huang.

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Any Questions? Please ask.

Publishers, agents, and publicists, if you need more than a few TitlePages, want to discuss custom work and other projects, or partnerships, please get in touch by mail josh [at] or by phone at 347-405-0305.

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