Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity

By Eric Eisner
Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity Cover

Published by Palgrave Macmillan
1st edition September 16, 2009

About The Book
While artistically ambitious poets of the era are often characterized as preferring a lasting future fame to contemporary popularity, this book reveals that a sophisticated, strategic and fascinated engagement with new modes of fame was central to the experiments with literary form of poets such as Byron, Keats, Shelley and Barrett Browning.

"Eric Eisner’s excellent Nineteenth-Century Poetry and Literary Celebrity explores the recursive nature of modern celebrity and carefully traces several of the many permutations of poetic fame in the Romantic and early Victorian periods"

"A thought-provoking opening gambit in what is sure to be a growing body of work on Victorian celebrity culture. "

About The Author
Eric Eisner is Associate Professor of English at George Mason University. He is currently writing a book about John Keats and recent American poetry.