About Me Memory Book

By Lisa G. Jones
About Me Memory Book Cover

Published by Lulu.com
January 21, 2020

About The Book
This "About Me Memory Journal" is a guided journaling activity that engages the mind of the person with dementia by helping to stimulate and extend long-term memory in the early-mid stages of dementia, as well as, serves as a memoir (a specific timeline of events, special memories, emotions, and feelings) to inspire communication and lasting memories with family. Book Benefits & Features:1. Serves as a Reminiscing Activity bridging the past.2. Provides writing prompts to correctly organize the journal to decrease confusion.3. Increases orientation skills.4. Can serve as a distraction to decrease agitation and increase a level of calmness.5. Provides examples on how to establish a written daily routine/schedule to help decrease asking "what do I do now" or repeating the same questions. 6. Encourages family engagement to complete memory task.7. Promotes a sense of well-being, contribution, belonging and accomplishment.8. 8.5 x 11 inches, 122 pages with lined spaces to write in.
About The Author
Lisa G. Jones is a native of Lane, South Carolina and holds a B.A. in Communication Arts and a M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology. As this small town country girl grew up she developed her love for helping people. She has held a passion for writing since early childhood, and as a Speech-Language Pathologist Specializing in Dementia, her mission has been working with Dementia Family Caregivers to help them to foster and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle while they provide care for their loved one(s). She is a wife, mother of one, grandmother of three, and an avid member of her church. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Lisa’s true delight is writing for dementia family caregivers to encourage, motivate, and inspire them overcome challenges and live a life of purpose.