The Golf Courses of Dutchess County

By Tom Buggy
The Golf Courses of Dutchess County Cover

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1st edition September 15, 2017

About The Book
New York's Dutchess County has been blessed with an abundance of golf courses, private and public, from the time golf was introduced in the United States to the present day. From John Dutcher's 3-hole course in Pawling in 1885 to the Silo Ridge Field Club's course in Amenia which opened in 2016, there have been 34 golf courses in the county. 20 of them remain in existence today. The existing courses span from Tivoli in the north to Beacon and Fishkill in the south. Six of them are Private, four are Semi-Private, seven are Public and three are Municipal. There are nine each of 9-hole and 18-hole courses, and two others at 27 holes and 12 holes, respectively. Three of the lost courses were on private estates; two others were on the property of what are now abandoned psychiatric hospitals; another was part of a full-scale resort.This book focuses on the origin and development of the courses and, for the lost courses, the reasons for their demise. The book is liberally illustrated with early and current photographs.
About The Author
Tom Buggy is a golf historian and a past president of Dutchess Golf and Country Club in Poughkeepsie, New York. He authored the Dutchess centennial history book, Golf’s Lady of the Hudson. His other publications include The Golf Courses of Dutchess County, Dinsmore Golf Course – A Brief History, and an article about the first six golf professionals at Dutchess that was published in Through the Green, the magazine of the British Golf Collectors Society. At the time this book was written, Tom was leading a project to determine if The Edgewood Club of Tivoli is the oldest continually operated golf club in the United States. This club in Tivoli, New York was founded in 1883, primarily as a tennis club. Documented evidence of when golf was added had not yet been found. Tom is a graduate of Villanova University. He and his wife Jackie live in Hyde Park, New York.
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