True Forgiveness

By Rev. Jennifer Mcsween
True Forgiveness Cover

Published by LifeWorks Publishing
1st Edition edition October 6th 2017

About The Book
Forgiveness is not what you think! Rightly understood, Forgiveness is not about denying you feel hurt, rationalizing what happened, or looking for the "good" that came from a painful experience. Forgiveness-True Forgiveness-is shifting your perception in such a way, that regardless of what happens or what you experience, the thought of judgment doesn't come up in the first place. From this perspective, there is nothing to condemn, nothing or no one to accuse, and no guilt to be felt. In True Forgiveness: The Proven Path From Pain To Power in 5 Simple Steps, Rev. Jennifer McSween shares a simple practical way to make this radical shift in your perception so you can put an end to your struggle to find peace and healing.In this candid, personal and inspiring book you will learn:
  • The true cause of all pain and feelings of victimization
  • How to become willing to forgive, without fear of being hurt again 
  • The 3 major blocks that will keep you struggling and in pain
  • The Core 5 Step True Forgiveness Process™ for practicing Forgiveness without fear
Going beyond the traditional idea of "forgiveness" as letting go of guilt, anger and resentment, and/or a spiritual and religious practice; "Forgiveness" as presented here, is the "key" to healing and happiness, personally, in your relationships, and in all areas of your life. This book puts that "key" in your hands.

"I loved this book! I never realized the power of forgiveness and how to truly be at peace with yourself and with others. Many times we think we have forgiven someone who had done us wrong but only to still feel the pain as you move forward in life. I love how she shares stories of not only her struggles but her successes as well. The book has a 5 Steps of forgiveness process that will help you to truly forgive yourself and others where you no longer have to take the guilt, shame, and pain with you any longer to your future. Highly recommend!"

"This is a wonderful book on what forgiveness really is. It is based on the Principles of Course in Miracles. If you are unaware of the study of course in miracles this is a great starting point and if you are currently reading or studying the course this is a great add on. Also if you have been away from the course for a while. The book stands alone as well for learning the power of forgiveness."

"The Author hit it out of the park in a book you will read and reread....she clearly describes how important it is to not only forgive, but to truly understand what forgiveness means❤️ How it’s just important to not only forgive others but to forgive yourself!!!!! It’s something we need to do in order to be the best versions of yourself ❤️❤️"

"True Forgiveness dives deep, in a place where we usually don’t linger because it hurts so much. It dives to where the root of the pain is and leads us step by step out of the pain, into healing; out of the trap of victimhood, into empowerment. The book doesn’t promise an easy superficial fix, but a complete healing if we are willing to take the steps. True forgiveness is something which happens in our own consciousness, not due to some outer circumstance. Jennifer has distilled the deep wisdom contained in A Course in Miracles into a walkable path from pain to power, from the wound to the flower. There is so much pain now in our world, wherever we look - this book is a practical guide to deal with it constructively, by changing our perception and therefore our approach to it. The book is a much needed contribution to the welfare of ourselves and our world. Thank you, Jennifer!"

About The Author
Rev. Jennifer McSween has over 15 years experience as a spiritual psychotherapist and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Coach, Counselor and Teacher. She is dedicated to helping people heal and transform their lives, and works exclusively with A Course in Miracles to help clients get their desired results. Rev. Jennifer is the founder of The Centre For Spiritual Affairs, a virtual space providing programs and services that help people to more effectively practice the Teachings of ACIM. Rev. Jennifer lives in Montreal, Canada with her husband and daughter.