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TitlePager Account Setup

TitlePager was created to help authors make great websites for their books with ease. TitlePager websites are based on a professionally designed template that looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can use them as standalone sites, link to them from other sites, or even embed them into Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, and Facebook.

When you type in your book’s ISBN number, TitlePager immediately goes out and finds your book's sale pages on several of the large online bookstores. It creates buy buttons and begins the site creation process. Next the author adds information on the content creation page.

Once the author has added some information they can save the page and preview it. Then they can add more info or go straight to picking a design. You can add reviews, a .pdf excerpt which will be available to be read inline, media mentions, your bio , your author photo, and you can also enter an additional store where your book is sold like your publisher's site.

Next you publish the site which involves registering and paying for a subscription. After you publish your page you can pick a custom sub-domain ie. If you have a domain that you want to use we will work with you to set that up for free. You can log-in to manage your page and also add more books. The creation steps are the same and you can link the books together under the About The Author section. The whole process takes about two to five minutes.

Just your 13 digit ISBN and a .jpg or .png of your cover.

You can add:

  • Video: Add a Youtube or Vimeo video using their sharing URL
  • Reviews - You can add up to five reviews.
  • Media Mentions - You can add up to five media mentions.
  • Events & Readings - you can add your appearances with date, time, and link.
  • Excerpt: You can upload a .pdf and it will appear as an inline .pdf which can be read on your page. Tjhis could be an excerpt, an extra, etc.
  • Author Bio: If we don’t already have it you can enter the text of your bio. You can also add your photo. For books with multiple authors you can add text for each. Right now we only support one photo for that section so hopfully you have a group one.
  • Social Links: In the About the Author Section you can add your links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goodreads. You can also add a link to your website if you have one.
  • Additional Store – If you want to add an online store like your publisher’s site where the book is sold you can. Just enter the name and the link. We will pull their logo from their .ico file (that’s the little icon that appears in browser tabs).
  • Additional Books: Once you’ve published your page you will also be able to add other books you’ve written by creating pages for them and then associating them with each other

When you publish a TitlePage site it is initially published to a url based on your ISBN You can then immediately choose a custom sub-domain of your choice which will be You can use that to promote your book. If you own a URL that you want to use just let us know and we will help you set it up at no cost. On our end we will make some adjustments and on your end you will need to make a few changes to your DNS records at your domain registrar. They are pretty basic but you will need to add a C name record and an A name record on your registrars Advanced DNS panel. We'll walk you through that.

When TitlePager generates the store links we are also generating an affiliate link to some of the online stores. If you have an affiliate code of your own that you want us to swap in just let us know and we would be happy to do that for you.
Yes, TitlePager works with any book that has an ISBN.

After you publish your first book site you'll receive an email with a code that you can use to make sites for all of your books. You'll need to log in to your dashboard and add your next book from there using the same process you used for the first one. Then you'll go into the author information area for each book and click to associate the other books with each other. The other titles will appear in an area called "other books by this author".

It's easy to use TitlePages as the basis for a site about a series or even as your author site, you just need to pick a book to start with and give it a sub-domain with the name of the series or your author name. Of course if you want to use your own domain you just need to pick the book you want to show up frst. One of the nice things about the service is that each book could have a different theme if you want.

Using Your TitlePage To Market Your Book

We think it is pretty important to have a Facebook Page as part of your digital strategy and adding your TitlePage site to it is a pretty powerful too. It essentially makes the TitlePage site for your book appear when a user clicks a tab on your Facebook Page. Since Facebook presents it in a smaller space the page that people see is similar to the one they would see on a tablet. The buy links, video, and inline excerpt all work.

We are working on automating this but in the meantime we'll just make one for you once you publish your TitlePager site. We'll send you a link to put in your browser. Once you do that you'll get a FB dialog window that askes if you want to add the tab to your page.

You can see the tab for Fifty Shades of Chicken on the TitlePager Facebook page. While you are there please like our page to keep up with us and help spread the word about TitlePager.


If you are feeling ambitious and want to make one yourself here are some instructions

  • First you need to sign up for a Facebook developer account.
  • Next you’ll want to add a new app and give it a title you like
  • Then you’ll want to add a “platform”. Pick the Page Tab option. From there you enter the Title of the tab which is most likely your book’s Title. For the Secure Page Tab URL   – you need to use the URL. Pick the wide tab option.
  • When you are all set customize and enter the following url in your browser:

    Entering that will bring up a dialog and ask if you want to add the tab to your page. you can edit the location of the tab in your page management settings.

The short answer to this is yes.It is pretty easy to integrate a TitlePager site into your existing Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace site.

Part of the idea for TitlePager came from our making WordPress sites for authors. Building feature filled pages for them required some pretty complex custom templates, and the addition of loads of plugins and we wanted to make it easier for authors to create and manage sites on their own.

There are two ways to approach the integration. One is simply to link to the TitlePage site from a navigation link. This is not only the easiest way but will also help you with SEO since links are an important component of search results. The other way to do it is to iframe or embed the page into your site.

Creating a menu item for your TitlePager

A great way to integrate TitlePager on to your author site is to use it as your book page for every title you’ve written. It will spur sales and you can load it with information specific to that title. If you have just one title you can add it as a link to your menu. If you have more that one book and your menu supports dropdowns you should create a category called My Books and then create links to your TitlePages under that. you can do this on WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.

Using the WordPress iFrame Plugin To Embed TitlePager

The plugin is called iFrame and it enables the ability to embed content on a WordPress page or post using a short code. It can be used for TitlePages, video, googlemaps, and other types of content. You can see an example of it here on Josh’s site (TitlePager’s founder) for his book Fifty shade of Chicken.

After installing the plugin you simply add a page for your book and enter a shortcode that looks something like this:
[iframe src=”your TitlePager sub-domain address” width=”100%” height=”adjust the default height from 500 to something more like 1200 or more”]

You can iFrame your custom sub-domain page or the default url. They will both work.

After embedding it the page will retain it’s ability to react to and be read on mobile devices and tablets even if the rest of the WordPress site doesn’t. We hope that the ability to embed the page on to a WordPress site is useful to lots of authors.

Using the Wix HTML/iFrame App To Embed TitlePager

Wix also enables you to iFrame content into your site using the Wix HTML iFrame/Embed tool in their app market. It’s pretty simple to use and entering the default url will work.

Squarespace iFrames

You should try the embed block and use the url for your book. You’ll need to adjust the height and possibly make some changes to the CSS depending on your theme. There are lots of discussions on their support boards about iFrames.