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TitlePager Product Tour

We’ve tried to make TitlePager super easy to use. It just takes three steps to make a TitlePager site, and then there are countless things you can do with it to market your book. This tour shows some of the customization options that TitlePager offers. We are also very client service focused so even though TitlePager is pretty automated we are happy to answer any questions and help so please ask.

TitlePager works by gathering information and creating links from the web based on your ISBN. If you don’t know your ISBN it by heart or have it written down somewhere the easiest thing to do is to grab it from Amazon. We can create sites for any books that are currently in print, on-demand, or forthcoming so we should have you covered. Oh, at this time only books published in the US are in our system.

From the ISBN we are going to create your basic site with your:

  • Title
  • Author Name
  • Cover
  • About Your book
  • Publisher information
  • Subject tags
  • Create custom Buy links to Indiebound, Amazon, B&N, and others
  • Your bio (we’ll cover that below)

After you select your book we start gathering data and create a preview. You could just publish the page as is, or you can add additional content. You’ll see your customizations in a live preview of your page. This is the same paradigm after you publish as well. If you don’t have everything on hand don’t worry, you can change the design, and add or delete additional content, and even change your custom sub-domain at any time after you’ve published the site.

Step 1 - Customize Your Design

Go with the default or pick a new design. We have 20 and are adding more.

Step 2 - Customize Your Content

Tags – You can add or delete the tags that describe your book. These are useful for your readers to see but they also serve to create search pages off of TitlePager which will help with SEO.

Since we are pulling data from Books-In-Print you can actually use TitlePager as a tool to see what your publisher has entered. Since this data is being distributed to libraries and bookstores you can ask them to change it if you don’t like what you see.

Summary – We pull the book summary directly and for various licensing reasons you can’t edit it. However we’ve noticed that sometimes it comes through with strange characters. Once your book is published we’ll look it over and fix them. Additionally if you work with your publisher to change it the changes will be reflected on the site. (Lastly, if something is really driving you crazy just let us know and we’ll work on it.)

Online Stores – We create buy links to Indiebound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble as well as a few others and we only show the ones where it can be found. Additionally you can create custom store links and we’ll create a button with the name and logo of the site. If you need more than one custom store let us know. (Note- We are creating affiliate links as it helps us keep the cost of TitlePager down. If you have your own affiliate link let us know.)

Media – If you have a book trailer, video of a reading or an interview up on YouTube or Vimeo add it here. Also if you have an excerpt or special feature in .jpg form upload it and your readers will see it in an inline reader.

Events – If you are on tour, have local readings, or a virtual book tour going on add your events here. You can add the name of the event, the location, a link, and date.

Reviews – You can add up to 5 reviews, pull quotes, etc. Text, source, link, and the date if you want.

Media Mentions – You can add up to 5 media mentions. Text, source, link, and the date if you want.

Author Info – In the author info section you can add your photo. (Right now just one photo per author so if you’ve co-written a book with someone it would be good to have a group shot or just skip this step.)

In some cases we are able to pull your bio but if it isn’t there as for the majority of us. You’ll be able to type or paste it in (please just plain text not from Word).

You can enter all of your social links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Goodreads. You can also add a link to your website if you have one. (And if you do we’d like to point out that linking or even iFraming in your books TitlePage site would probably give your sites existing page for your book(s) a bit of an upgrade.)

Lastly, once you publish your site you’ll be able to log in and create new pages for your other books (for free). Then you can link them together.

Step 3 - Publishing Your Site

When everything is set (or even if it isn’t – remember you can log-in and edit anytime) you’ll need to register and select a subscription to save the site. Then you’ll be in business. As soon as you publish the site, you’ll be able to create a custom sub-domain. And if you own a URL that you want to use let us know and we’ll help you set that up as part of your service for no extra fee.

Start marketing your book online. You can link and share your site on your social media and in your emails. If you have an existing web site you can link or embed the site into WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. And we will also make you a custom Facebook Page Tab App so you can add your page to your author page and enable your followers to buy your book right from there.